Creativity in Life

How imagination plays a critical role in creating the life you want

Local artist Rafael McMaster is often using a detailed lens of creativity to understand bigger themes of life. Photo: Original photo of microscope art through a microscope/dSLR camera

What is imagination? And why does it matter?
Imagination is what could be.
And its how we create the future.

The way we create future out of infinite possibilities of imagination is by taking all that could be, and refining it into a clear vision.  And then take that vision, and charge it with positive creative energy, and then birth it into the present/future world.  As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “the best way to predict the future, is to create it.”

And so the practice of creating art, is one of the most effective ways to model this process of harnessing imagination and vision, and turning it into something real in this world, in a way that is tangible and practical.   For youth, it illustrates and teaches how this internal process works, in creating our outside reality.  So by teaching youth art, we are sharpening and developing their tools of imagination, and illuminating the path from ideation into reality.  Its more than just about the finished product – and its about more than art.  Its about teaching the creative process, and how it relates to life and building a bright future.  Because its their imagination, that will define our future.

Ultimately it is through the creativity in our thoughts that we design our lives. Its how we create the blueprint or framework of the life we want – our design for living.  To imagine, and to think in unlimited ways – we use the part of our mind that creates instead of just replays.  Its where we let go of the records of the past and start creating maps of the future. A compass of vision, made out of ideas.

And once brought to life, our creative ideas have their own energy field and can generate the synchronatic involvement of people and circumstances required to carry the idea through to the next stage of its life.  You see, the Ideas themselves: they come to life.  Imagination becomes reality.  And so the driving force of our lives, unfolding in each moment, is creation through imagination manifest.

And art is the practice of creating, as creating is the practice of life.
And so its is through art, photography, poetry, music – we are strengthening the creative muscle, sharpening our creative tools, and shaping creative energy to design a life, filled with vision, fulfillment and meaning.

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