Teaching Kids Art

Summer Camp for 2020

After such immensely positive feedback for our youth art school, we’ve decided to provide our first true art camp, this summer at South Park, just a block away from Resin.  Beyond a traditional school of arts, we’re working with local artists, spiritual arts teachers, yogis, and the Collective to create a summer art program that is built around giving kids Creative Self Esteem and Soul Esteem.  Our local summer camp is focused on teaching kids to think beyond their intellect – with a emphasis on Instinct, Illumination, Intention, Inspiration, Interaction, Imagination, and Intuition.  Ultimately, the kids will enjoy art practices from illustration, to photography, to non-toxic spraypaint – but we will explore beyond just the visual arts – into developing the Creative Self as a whole.  We have a vision of a fully integrated experience that merges yoga, visualization practices to strengthen and sharpen the skill as controlled imagination, painting, illustration, and getting out and being in the sun and grass.  Art is fun, and we’re committed to ensuring our kids enjoy summer camp art activities that strengthen their love for creativity.

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