The South Bay Artist Collective’s mission as a 501(c)3 non-profit is to support and grow the local visual arts community through creating a destination for art and creativity, while teaching and inspiring youth. Our purpose is to support and serve the South Bay visual arts community. We want to help connect the artists, audience, students and venues in the South Bay Area and help contribute to a thriving art community. If you are a local artist, enthusiast, art student, retailer, or simply a lover of the arts – come visit us. We’d love to hear your ideas, feedback, and embrace your participation.

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Collective Artists

Sabrina Armitage

Bev Baigent

Carsten Bund

Emily Brantley

Josh Barnes

Sara Carli

Alison Corteen

Alex Diffin

Tom Delaney

Fiona Dowdee

Diana Flynn

Dan Gardner

Kevin Gilligan

Michael B Harrington

Blakeley Hunter

Brian Kingston

Robin Lebowe

Drica Lobo

John Mar

Rafael McMaster

Eric Michael

Brandon Nonaka

Michelle Pettie

Paul Roustan

Eric Sanders

Janice Schultz

Andre Snyman

Janet Soliman

Lynnie Sterba

Wendy Stillman

Kerry Stitt

Natalie Strong

Sara Webster

Matt Wessen

Chris Taylor