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Hermosa Beach artist Rafael McMaster works within, beyond, and between the mediums of acrylic, oil, watercolor, graphite, illustration, and photography.  The interplay between the disciplines acts as an inspiration to his work, which incorporates involved, complex and experimental processes.  The local artist has a fashion design degree from the Art Institute of Seattle and has designed clothing lines for Puma and many others.  Alongside clothing, Rafael has designed multiple lines of snowboards, Webby award nominated websites, and brand and design work from Chris Paul to Matthew McConaughey to MEK denim.

Rafael teaches a local South Bay non-profit program entitled “15 Under 15.”  In the class series, students (under the age of 15) learn to shoot photography, paint and then shoot abstract macro photography of their paintings.  Their work is being featured in an upcoming series of shows on September 24th, and February 15th.  The core principle of the program is to teach “creative confidence” to youth.

Rafael is also accepting commission for an on-going family painting series.  The artist paints with the families for multiple sessions in an involved lesson/collaboration – some processes lasting up to 15 months.  The custom painting is then refined into a “contemporary family seal,” intertwining symbolism, personal subtleties and messages.

Rafael currently has a brand consulting and interactive design practice in Hermosa Beach.  He is the co-founder of HBAC (Hermosa Beach Artists Collective), and he and his wife Tera raise five kids and a hyper puppy.

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I love coming up with great designs to reflect the aspirations and culture of real businesses. Working with like minded creatives, business executives and owners is also what drives and satisfies me as a designer as I am constantly learning and changing.

In my 20s I studied and worked as a Graphic Designer in Sydney and New York City and travelled the world. Two feisty boys were born in my early 30s. The value I got was a chance to be adaptable and arty continuously during my time with them.

I’m an experienced designer and I feel inspired and totally energized when I’m designing and creating. For me, going to work is refreshing and I feel like I’m recharging when I sit at my Mac simply because I love to design.

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Shelley has been a teacher and lover of yoga in the South Bay community for over 19 years, specializing in vinyasa yoga, meditation, pilates, teacher education, and functional movement recovery. Shelley works with youth through grandparents, pro-athletes to industry professionals, couch potatoes to celebrity clientele, preschoolers to stuntmen, offers weekly local classes & online education programs, and guides international retreats. She enjoyed a career as a contemporary modern dancer, and discovered yoga and pilates as a healing addition and alternative to the rigors of training and performance. Shelley co-owned The Pilates Room & Yoga Lounge in Hermosa Beach for 7 years, then founded Yoga Mittra Teacher Training School in 2011, which has its home at Yoga Loft, Manhattan Beach, as well as online.  Shelley created the Integrated Arts Outreach program at Arena Continuation School for at-risk youth in El Segundo in 2007, and is absolutely inspired to currently share in co-creating the Creative Wisdom Program at Resin, Hermosa. Shelley is extremely grateful for the guidance of many inspiring teachers, such as Max Strom and Shiva Rea.

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My art is not meant to be about me. My background. My education. My profession. I hope that every piece I create connects with each person differently.  That’s the thing about this world. We were never meant to experience it in the same way. The things we see are all affected by the lives we’ve lived. The people we’ve loved. The hurt we’ve endured. The strange dreams that woke us up in the middle for the night.  Art is not purely a reflection of the artist it is most importantly a reflection of the viewer. It is a window to see into your own past and present and perhaps for a few fleeting moments a  divine glimpse into the world of someone else.

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Born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, Emily lives near the beach and finds inspiration from the beauty in nature and in people. Every plant, animal, and person is unique, and her art captures the vibrant colors and fantastic diversity of this big world. Conservation is a cause close to her heart, and thus her work celebrates many creatures that are endangered by human recklessness and pollution.
Emily is heavily involved in the South Bay art scene of southern California. She was appointed to the position of Public Art Commissioner for the city of Redondo Beach by the mayor in 2016. She is also involved with local groups such as the Redondo Beach Art Group, South Bay Artist Collective, and several others. Her work has been shown in prestigious shows throughout California, at the Torrance Art Museum, and is collected nationwide.

My paintings are a celebration and exploration of nature with a focus on the ocean. Blessed to be raised with access to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, I loved spotting dolphins and sea lions playing in the surf. My family was very proactive in environmental causes, and taught me about plants and animals, about our delicate ecosystem, and our responsibility to care for our planet. As such, I grew up with a love and respect for nature and the desire to do what I could to share this respect with others. When I began painting in college, I was immediately drawn toward painting animals in their habitats, and especially ocean creatures. Turtles, dolphins, fish, whales, penguins—I paint them gliding free in the ocean. I like to think that each painting is of a moment of encounter; each painting evokes that moment when you come face-to-face with another creature who shares our world, and you look each other in the eye.

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Drica Lobo is an artist whose work captures happiness and vibrant strokes. Drica’s fascination with art began as a small child. She was born in São Paulo, Brazil, moved to the United States in 2003, and made Hermosa Beach, CA her home in 2007. Largely self- taught, Lobo has taken several painting classes during 15 years where she has studied with celebrated artists including Jose Ismael and Lisa Schultz. She completed her Master of Communications Degree at the University of Guarulhos, Sao Paulo in 2001.

Her work is included in public and private collections around the world, including Brazil, United States, Singapore and China. She also volunteers as an art instructor for Salvation Army in Los Angeles and works for ‘Walk with Sally’ in Manhattan Beach, CA, as an art therapist. She is a member of Hermosa Beach Artist Collective (HBCA) and Foundation of Local Arts (FOLA) in California.

“I paint colorfully to show the world the positive influence of colors and the power of strokes, creating an imaginary scenario based on nature and freedom state of mind. Art is limitless and I’m committed to make the viewer closer to his heart, manipulating shapes and feelings through the selection and composition of color. More than anything, my paintings are feelings as much as they are imaginary. I recognize the value in self-expression, so find I find a way to let my inner self be expressed on the outside.”

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Redondo Beach artist, Paul Roustan, is known for his work in body painting and photography. Winner of the North American Body Painting Championships, Roustan is recognized as one of the world’s leading body painters whose style combines traditional fine art, pop culture, and reflections of the contemporary world to create conceptually-based body painting. An alumn of both the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Rhode Island School of Design, Roustan’s career spans both the fine art and commercial worlds. His work has appeared on media including, Spike TV, The Game Show Network, Sabado Gigante, the Chicago Sun-Times, The New York Post, People, GQ, Playboy, Maxim, and galleries along the East and West coasts. His work has been acquired in over 200 private collections.

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Occasionally at night I am the classic garage hermit.  Dusty air filled with tunes…I tinker, over conceptualize, procrastinate, and create a blend of disputable “art like objects” using an assortment of mediums and techniques.  My website is simply a way to display some of the evidence.

I have been lucky enough to do something creative for clients such as Belvedere Vodka, Globe Shoes, Freestyle Watches, Spyder Surfboards, Tsukihoshi Shoes, Rush Street, Saint Rocke, Gum Tree, Starr Design Group, ASPCA, and my “real” job…a digital advertising company started in 2011 with my talented partners @ Modop

Currently I have three installations. Nine commissioned paintings of Jazz musicians on wood can be seen at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, a 13’x24’ photograph wall installation at Rush Street in Culver City, CA, and while inventory lasts there are still a few transfer paintings at Gum Tree in Hermosa Beach, CA.

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Beth Bowen is a self taught abstract artist. She uses acrylic as her choice medium combined with mixed media. With her new collection “YOUR LIFE-YOUR CANVAS” Beth likes to provoke thoughts about life and self reflection.

Beth has showcased at every major art show in our nation. With two appearances at Miami’s Art Basel, with representation by Gabriel Fine Arts of London, Gallery Artifact in New York, and Santa Fe to name a few. She was selected to showcase at Art Monaco, with representation by Art Upclose in New York. Internationally Beth is represented by The PAKS Gallery and showcased at The Louvre, Paris, France “modern art masters”. She will showcase next at LA Art Show, with representation by the Steiner Gallery, from Vienna, Austria. Then Beth will showcase at the Cannes Film festival, in the South of France, and will be featured in the MAMAG Modern Art Museum in castle Hubertendorf, from September 1st-December 31st. The museum is located in Vienna Austria.

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After years of working in film and video at 30 frames per second, I discovered the joy of telling stories, real stories, in 1 frame. Somewhere between the smile and the frown is a single moment that speaks volumes. 

Is it truth or inner beauty? 

Who knows. Why name it? 

It’s there, it’s compelling, it’s lovely. 

And when you record it, it takes on a life of its own.

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Sabrina Armitage is an encaustic artist who was born in Vienna, Austria. She came to the US as a youngster where her family made New Orleans their home. From an early age she had a passion for sketching the world around her.  After studying Architecture, Sabrina’s curiosity shifted from understanding structural framework to exploring the framework of the human psyche. Having graduated with a degree in Psychology and a Master of Social Work, Sabrina began a career in Clinical Social Work in Los Angeles. 


More than a decade later Sabrina’s desire for creativity re-emerged through jewelry design which then led her to study Fine Art at Otis College of Art and Design. In 2012 Sabrina fully immersed herself into the world of encaustic painting (pigmented beeswax and resin) discovering a newly inspired passion for mixed media techniques.  Themes of resilience and adaptability weave through her work reflecting her background and desire to unfold the layers that reveal the inner landscape.


The medium of encaustics allows for an investigative excavation that parallels  human stories and imperfections, where beauty is held within vulnerability and struggle. The tactile nature of the beeswax both creates and reveals its own story or history.  The simultaneous building up and stripping down of these wax layers hints at the complexity of human existence. Sabrina demonstrates a fascination with this juxtaposition. Her art offers a reinterpretation of a visual scene by embracing contrasting elements and allowing the tension to have a transformative effect. In her latest series BREATHE  pliable Japanese paper is combined with encaustic often in a linear manner. Bourne of a yearning to simplify, slow down and focus on being versus doing, this series serves as a meditation. Fire and wax, each with it’s own course, yielding to the hand through repetition as thoughts yield to the breath.


Sabrina exhibits nationally and her work is held in private collections. She is a member of the International Encaustic Artists and it’s local chapter LAX WAX. After living almost 3 decades in the South Bay she maintains ties through her membership in the South Bay Artist Collective and she volunteers at the El Segundo Museum of Art. She works and lives in the Los Angeles area.

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Latest photo blog

Kevin Gilligan is an award-winning landscape, portrait and sports photographer from L.A.’s South Bay.  His photographs have been nationally published and museum displayed.

Kevin is an avid fan of the outdoors and has explored and photographed U.S. National Parks including, Rocky Mountain National Park, Yosemite, Zion, Bryce Canyon, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies.

Kevin is an attorney, a surfer, martial artist, and a general fan of coffee and adrenaline. He doesn’t like to sit still for too long and in the past few years has photographed Ireland, Panama, Vietnam, London, Paris and Canada.

In his own words:

“My visual perspective grew out of a love of the ocean, surfing and swimming. Growing up on NY’s Long Island Sound and now living in L.A.’s South Bay I have a keen appreciation for beautiful ocean, beach, and water landscapes and portraits. My interests are eclectic. Art, portraits and sports photography, especially martial arts and surfing are also near and dear to my heart. I read avidly about photography and photo tech, I’m kind of a photo geek. I’m stoked to be part of the Hermosa Beach Artist’s Collective and to meet so many creative people in the South Bay.”

Kevin’s next solo exhibition “Developing Men” opens 10/5-10/12/19 (opening 10/5 at 4pm) at the Resin Gallery, 618 Cypress Avenue in Hermosa Beach, CA.
Developing Men is a contemporary examination of male friendship, masculinity, isolation, community and legacy through photography and video.

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Andre’s work is often described by his ability to capture the quiet, simplicity and calmness of nature. The essence of serene, atmospheric and tranquil landscapes is displayed in every one of his seamless brush strokes. Andre is often drawn to moody skies and relishes in the opportunity to put light against dark as one of his most welcomed challenges.

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Growing up right outside New York City, Hermosa Beach based artist Dan Gardner was heavily influenced and inspired by the graffiti and skate culture. Using spray paint, acrylics, Inks and natural wood grains his work plays off the chaos of urban decay contrasted by the controlled linear landscape of a city.  This satisfying balance shows in his passion for graffiti, nature the ocean and surfing as well as his engineering background.  With many different styles and subject matters his work expresses his different passions and influences, bold, edgy organic pieces with movement depth and feeling.

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Bev Baigent is a South African born photographer living in the South Bay.  She is a self taught, continuously learning artist, who believes photography is more than an artistic expression, it’s a metaphor for life. Photography forces one to slow down, to truly look at what is going on around you. By making simple changes in perspective, distance from the object and points of focus, a different view is achieved that highlights aspects of a scene otherwise missed, or details in an object otherwise overlooked.

Macro Photography is her first love. Beauty is everywhere, and it is very often overlooked in the busyness and routine of everyday life. Macro photography serves to teach her to slow down and seek out beauty in the details, as well as allowing her to share those discoveries with others.

Experimenting with canvas and paper has allowed her to discover different ways to share her images and display her world.  Life is not perfect, and beauty is not perfection. There is beauty in the messes, and in the details, and in the mistakes and in the mundane.  It is in the objects we use everyday, and it is in the tiny things we overlook. Exploring those things, slowing down long enough to see and capture them to share is a way of life.

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Being an artist, what does that mean?  To me, it means one who practices art.  I started drawing and painting when I was a kid, the only difference is I never stopped.   I never stopped practicing art, because I couldn’t stop. It’s like getting dressed; it’s always a part of my day.

I was born in Miami in the 70’s. Life was easy back then. We traveled a lot. My parents loved to be on the move. I spent my summers in Toronto, Canada with my sister and grandparents. When I was 7, we moved to London, England for my father’s job. My dad was busy with work, so my mom made sure that she, my sister and I saw every castle and traveled to all corners of the UK, while we had the chance. I loved all of it.  The history was incredible and the monuments and architecture are still etched into my brain.

When we came back to the States, we left the east coast and moved out to Newport Beach, California.  Those years of growing up in the heart of the surf culture of the 1980’s, was magical for me.  This time period was a huge influence on my style of art.  The primal designs and bright colors, that Australian Artist Peter Webb created for clothing brand Quiksilver at that time was infectious.  It brought together all worlds for me, the art scene in NYC of Basquiat and Keith Haring, to the island beaches of exotic surf spots, that the international surf scene was circulating.  All of this was represented in the merchandise that Quiksilver and Peter Webb dropped into our local surf culture, Generation X laps!

After high school I studied, traveled and lived abroad. Living in European cities (Paris, Florence, Cortona and Vienna) and studying the great masterpieces of art was beyond inspiring to me, while being completely immersed in the local culture. After my travels abroad, I came home to the beaches of Southern California.  I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from California State University, Long Beach. Out of college, I went on to work in the music industry for about 10 years before starting my own business, Wendy Stillman Jewelry.

I have continued to paint throughout my years of running my Jewelry company and being a busy mom of 2.

Locally in Manhattan Beach and the Southbay, I am a member of The SouthBay Artist Collective and work permanently at Resin, an artist workspace in Hermosa Beach. I have also been privileged to teach art at the elementary level for the past 9 years, through an amazing art program called Young at Art.

Wake, Make, Create and Repeat!

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Art has always been a part of Janice’s life. Her mother was an oil painter as was her Great Aunt. She always enjoyed art in school and when she became a teacher it was an integral part of her curriculum and assignments. As a principal and later district administrator, Janice promoted art in the classrooms specifically supporting the disciplined based art program  sponsored by The Getty Museum. She has taught after school art classes for students and adults and continues to do so.

About 5 years before Janice retired, she started taking art classes, first at Harbor College and then Otis College of Art. Janice paints both representational and abstract pieces, but truly abstract is her true love. In her paintings Janice tries to interpret or respond to an idea or an emotion, but most of all she tries to make something beautiful. Janice’s work has been in local shows, including CA101. She is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association and PVAC Artist Open Group.

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Chris travels the globe, records his experiences on camera and shares them all here with you. Chris’ portfolio ranges from beaches to architecture; from cities to natural wonders. He features his images on lightweight aluminum canvas. The result is stunning — the images are crisp, and pop right off of the metal.

Chris grew up in the mountains of Colorado, and his love for photography blossomed at an early age. After receiving his first camera (a cheapie Kodak 110 film camera) for Christmas, Chris’ dog became probably the most photographed pup in all of Colorado. After college, Chris headed west to Southern California. Though Chris’ portfolio is diverse, it’s no surprise his favorite subjects usually include mountains or beaches.

Chris has since upgraded from his first little Kodak camera — he now shoots on a Canon 5D. In addition to photography, Chris is also a producer for FOX Sports and NFL Network.

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Tom is a professionally trained and accomplished artist who specializes in “Malerisch” style painting, defined as “Celebration of Paint.” His use of color and free movement of the brush result in meaningful and unique pieces.

Similar to his mentors, Tom’s paintings feature unique brushstrokes, bold colors and paint, lots of paint.

Tom has always had a passion for painting, and his education goes back to his childhood. He spent over 25 years as a marketing executive, and after recently undergoing a kidney transplant, he decided to return to his passion and make it his full time career.

Tom lives in the South Bay, California with his wife, three sons and his dogs, Bolt and Lightening.

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Josh Barnes is a graphic artist based in Hermosa Beach. He often pays homage to this coastal city and the California beach lifestyle in his work, featuring crashing waves, surfboards, and palm trees.  Born in Saint Louis Obispo, Josh also finds inspiration in everyday objects, and enjoys using a wide variety of media for his artwork.  Transitioning from spray cans on skateboards to the more conventional canvas, Josh is a multi-talented artist who also works as a custom framer, screen printer and graphic designer. His pieces feature detailed line work and intricate layering, bold colors, and a sense of dark, dreamy whimsy.

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In 2008, Sara graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and Pre-Medicine from Florida International University in Miami, Fla. She soon realized it was a fascination with human anatomy that influenced her science major, but what she really longed for was artistic expression.  After graduating, she began a career in fashion that eventually brought her to Vogue Magazine in New York City. Sara’s knowledge of the human form and her love of fashion collided when she discovered painting in 2013, developing a style that utilizes both interests. Sara’s works are created using oil on linen or canvas. Her painstaking process can take up to two months for one painting.

Sara’s studio is located in Sebastopol, Calif. Her talent has been rewarded, as she was named finalist in the Urban Riche Gallery “Portrait” competition and has been recognized in many online art publications.

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Natalie Strong is an artist and art teacher in El Segundo, California. She is an active member of the El Segundo Arts and Culture Advisory Committee and the South Bay Artist Collective. Natalie graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Theater Studies.

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Jonmar found his love for the arts at age three, his love of programming at twelve, and his love of songwriting at twenty four. These are the pillars of his entire creative world, and of his ultimate passion — storytelling. Four of his innovative music creation apps reached number 1 globally, and his unique approach to both development and design has been featured by Apple, RollingStone, and GuitarWorld magazine.

His work exploring th naturally impressionist world of resin has led to Jonmar’s current focus — augmented reality empowered artwork that delivers immersive three dimensional experiences featuring original story-based music. At long last his art, music, music videos, and app development have coalesced into a single story-telling expression, a singularity of sight and sound.

Jonmar just released a 33 song album (named 33) on iTunes and Spotify, and many of these tracks tell the tales behind his newest series of art.

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Eric discovered the joy of art at the age of 6 when his father taught him to paint.  He continued to paint through college. After graduating college (George Washington University in Washington DC.), he focused on an my entrepreneurial career so his paint brushes lie dormant for quite some time. He founded and operated Sanders Industries for 30 years. The company primarily served the aerospace, defense and industrial markets. Eventually the business grew to seven manufacturing sites in the US and Europe and 600 employees. After the sale of his business in 2014, He returned to painting and quickly discovered a new tool which had not existed when he was painting previously; digital painting. Eric enjoys working in both medias and also combining the two. The artists who currently have the most influence on his work are Picasso, Salvador Dali and Basquiat.  He is also actively involved in philanthropy. In 2015 he established the Sanders Family Foundation which supports organizations that foster sustainable change in developing countries and is specifically focused on women and children in those communities. Most importantly, Eric is a devoted father of 2 boys.

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Kerry Stitt, a resident of Redondo Beach, CA , has been an artist and photographer for 30 years. She has shown at galleries such as Resin Gallery in Hermosa, Quoting Artists Gallery in Beverly Hills, Sponto Gallery, Two Girls and a Dog Gallery, and many others.

Her photography has been featured in Orange Coast Magazine for Gulf Stream restaurant, as well as Corona Del Mar Plaza Magazine.

Her newest body of work is Aerial Photos and Videos. Since obtaining her FAA drone certificate in 2016 she has worked on real estate videos and was hired by The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to shoot a drone video to open up their 2017 summit. Her love of the ocean can be seen in most of her work.

Her resin artwork is inspired by her aerial photographs of the sea. She creates large resin ocean scenes and abstracts. From the drips that come off the sides of her pieces, she creates necklaces.

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Diana Flynn is always looking for balance. In her work, she often pursues it by blending or juxtaposing color, pattern, scale, and texture. To that end, her signature technique—hand-painting, tearing, and then reassembling fabric—is a mix of precision and artistry.

Living and working in Manhattan Beach, CA, Flynn’s work is inspired by the beauty and creative spirit of Southern California, which offers her a constant reminder to push her artwork forward. Her love for design and careful eye for how art can elevate interior spaces have made her work popular among those in the trade.

She is a current member of the South Bay Artist Collective in Hermosa Beach, CA and finds the varied perspective of other artists and art enthusiasts to be endlessly instructive.

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Brandon was born and raised in Hilo, a small and quiet town on the Big Island of Hawaii.  From a young age he was exposed to the ocean by his friends and his father, who is an avid fisherman.  Fishing, spear-diving and various ocean activities were a normal part of life growing up in Hawaii.

His passion for the ocean and art merged when he was introduced to the art form known as Gyotaku.  He saw it as the perfect way to preserve the life of the fish and ensure it’s memory would live on forever.  His minimalistic approach to Gyotaku allows the raw print of the fish to “breathe” and become the focal point.  There is no additional touch-up using pens or pencils, but rather just brushes and paint.

The word “Makai” comes from the Hawaiian language and translates to “by the sea”.  Makai Impressions is an expression of the ocean through the lens of the Artist’s creative eye.  In each design or piece of art, he expresses his experiences growing up in Hawaii and the impact the ocean has had on his life.

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I have always loved art and, in particular, painting. Painting gives me feelings of happiness, joy, peace and excitement and I really want to convey these feelings through my art. I want to bring a little happiness to people who purchase my art.

I was raised in Edinburgh, Scotland and have lived in several countries. I now live with my husband and daughter in Redondo Beach, California. My art is influenced by my time in Scotland, Denmark and Switzerland but Southern California has proven to be an infinite source of inspiration for creating new artwork. I am fascinated by the range of landscapes from the cities to the ocean to the desert and the mountains. I aim to try and recreate the joy I feel every day whilst observing the ever-changing landscapes around me.

I enjoy many different styles of art but have always been drawn to modern, abstract art. This is the direction I am currently moving in, but I am constantly experimenting with different styles and techniques.

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Sara Berger-Webster was born and raised in Southern California and attended California State University, Northridge where she attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Art. Sara has always loved art, and has been an artist for many years, working in a variety of art formats including paint (oil, watercolor and acrylic), photography, clay, jewelry, clothing and mixed-media. But, Sara says her favorite medium is paint.

Sara is often inspired to create art to donate to worthy causes, such as Breast Cancer Angels, South Bay Panhellenic and Redondo Beach Hands on Art. For nearly 2 decades, Sara has specifically supported and raised funds for the fight against breast cancer. But, she sees her art and creativity as a very intimate and personal contribution to the cause.

Sara is a proud member of the South Bay Artist Collective, an artist workshop and community resource. Sara’s artwork is on display at Resin at 618 Cypress Avenue in Hermosa Beach. Sara lives in Redondo Beach, California with her husband and daughter where she is a full-time artist, a loving wife and mother.

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Robin Lebowe of Modern Knots,(a full-time wardrobe stylist and costumer), fell into fiber arts during a series of informal weekend workshops with other artists and friends.  She started knotting and never stopped; weaving art gallery pieces, creating custom in-home installations, and selling boutique pieces. Robin is currently teaching one workshop a month and selling at pop ups and retail stores in the LA area. Follow her @modernknots or look for more info on or contact her at

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Lynnie Sterba was born into color, vibrancy, bold brush strokes and a passion for self expression. “My mom and aunt are both artists and I grew up visiting art museums and drawing, painting and creating sometimes going to far finding my way into my mother’s red paint getting it all over me and everything around me.”

As a Psychotherapist, Sterba experienced the power of paintings to touch people deeply and profoundly. “I start every painting with the word ‘love’ and paint from a commitment to inspire people through beauty creating a visual experience which touches deeply into the heart.”

“In my painting process I become an extension of the paint and brush pallet knife and other tools moving in a dance with the canvas. This dance is a moment in time when I’m free of ego and in touch with my spirit. Painting gives me the freedom to be the person I want to be. Painting invigorates me and allows me to express my authentic self.”

“I love design, shape, form, calligraphy and brush marks. I adapted my calligraphy from the way Zen painters’ work with line, my bold brush marks and color from the pure self- expression of the Fauve painters and my fluidity of paint movement, texture, and design from the Abstract painters”.

Sterba has shown in numerous galleries including The Artist Studio Gallery, Gallery 1601, Cannery Row, and the Loft in San Pedro. She featured paintings at the LACMA Art Sales and Rental Gallery and has shown at the Long Beach Museum of Art in their juried art auction three times.

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Born and raised at the mouth of Topanga Canyon, Matt Wessen always had a keen eye for documenting LA lifestyle and surfing scene. Wessen’s formative inspiration was a seminal Rauschenberg exhibit that he witnesses in Paris as a child—a radical blend of painting and sculpture, materials and methods— lesson about the power of “dimensionality,” how to assemble unconventional elements to create something holistic, original. And it taught him the means to harness friction to explore opposing themes in his art. Skip Engblom, Venice don and a surf/skate icon, calls Wessen a friend and frequent collaborator. “Matt’s ability to look at stuff is really unique,” he says. “It’s almost like he’s painting with his camera. To classify him as only a photographer would not be valid.” Together they co-curated over seven massively ambitious showcase’s that comprise of 55+ local artists, their practice includes re-purposing historic buildings into art galleries all the way from Venice Beach to Tokyo. Someone who Barry McGee— a fellow multimedia virtuoso and celebrated contrarian—labels as the “foremost artist working today in capturing the LA underground. Matt’s LA County series is brutally honest,” Barry McGee comments, “with all the significant layers of smog, dust, and grime intact. The [images] feel ephemeral, urgent, sometimes desperate, yet always beautiful. I look to Matt when I want to know what is the truth, all unfiltered, with the vices and problematic areas still unvarnished.” The images Matt has curated for LA County Series aren’t “instant.” They are the result of 20-plus years traversing a particular stretch of coast, putting in the roadwork and avoiding the hype days, combined with a fanatical dedication to studying the local weather charts. Wessen devised the goal of LA County Series to be a multi-year retrospective, to “prove the point through the edit.”

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Patricia Hughes paints the shore, the desert and the mountains near her home in Southern California. She can often be found painting the cliffs of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the beach at El Porto, or the waves off White Point Park in San Pedro.

Patricia studied fine art with an emphasis on studio painting at Harbor College and Cal State Dominguez Hills. Two abstract painters, Craig Antrim and Gilah Hirsch, had enormous influence on her work. After college Patricia continued her art education with classes at Otis and a variety of art workshops. For several years Patricia worked for the Getty Education Foundation training teachers to use the Discipline-based Art Education program.
During her time with Getty Patricia helped present the Gardena High School collection of California Impressionist paintings to a new audience. Studying closely the original works of these greatest California landscape painters, and later discovering the large Sorolla seascapes, inspired Patricia to try painting outside.

Using small paintings completed on location, Patricia currently develops larger paintings in her studio. The small plein air sketches provide the color, emotion and atmosphere that cannot be captured in photos. She is working toward painting her large art works completely on location. If you see Patricia out by the cliffs enjoying a beautiful painting day, stop by and say, “Hello.”

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Carsten Bund is a painter and sculptor. Studied at HFBK in HMBURG / Germany.
Works also with digital media and AI to get a result.
Based in Hermosa Beach.

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I majored in Art History at UCLA and have been involved in the art world for many years. I started out as a fine art representative, and have been on the board of several art nonprofit organizations. Because of my love for art, I started to create my own and  now specialize in modern landscapes and abstracts in oil on canvas. I especially have an affinity for capturing coastal environments with a modern take.

South Bay Artist Collective Active Member


Co-Founder of White Light Sounds

A seeker and creator at heart, Farnaz experimented with traditional instruments and the visual arts as a teen and eventually pursued a career in architecture and design. She began studying metaphysics at age twenty, but didn’t fully explore its depths until 2004, when her career led her to Los Angeles, the international hub of wellness.

Farnaz’s journey into wellness has expanded into several modalities of vibrational healing. While she still designs and creates in the physical world as a professional, her passion is to help others find the healer within through the power of sound.

Certifications: Sound & Vibrational Healing certifications (Levels 1 & 2) from Awakenings Wellness Center in Sedona, Sound Bath Practitioner certification (Level 1) from The Soundbath Center in Los Angeles.