Is your child addicted to screens? We’ve got something cheaper than therapy.


Responding to these unprecedented times, we have developed an Integrated Arts Program that helps complement your child’s Zoom School curriculum with 4-week and 8-week courses created to reconnect your child to the arts, movement, mindfulness, and practical tools for emotional intelligence, creative problem solving, screen addiction, and stress management.

The Program weaves 3 different curriculums into a single integrative course:


SBAC Prevention Plan:

  • Small groups of less than 10 (6-8 kids + 2-3 teachers)
  • Contactless online registration (done here)
  • Child drop off ONLY at front of Resin – Parents wishing to remain on site can use the parking lot to wait for their kid(s)
  • Kids and teachers required to wash hand pre & post session
  • Scheduled hand sanitizing breaks throughout the day
  • Masks must be worn by all kids and teachers before, during and after classes
  • Equipment/Materials will not be shared by kids during lessons/camps. If a material must be shared (ex. pastel paints), gloves will be used
  • Equipment/Materials used will be disinfected after every session
  • Facility is deep cleaned once a week, bathrooms twice a week
  • Bring your own water
  • Kids must have signed (new 2020) waiver before entering the facility
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